Baker's Bridge Veterinary Clinic

8350 CR 203, Suite A
Durango, CO 81301


Our Animals


Sir Albert

Albert is one of our clinic cats. He moved over here from Trimble Hot Springs in spring 2020. His favorite activities include stealing food off desks (especially tortilla chips), playing punk rock on YouTube, and giving high-fives. 



Lionheart was originally adopted by Dr. Marshall and moved over to the clinic shortly thereafter. He is really good at performing "Cat-scans" of sick patients and keeping hospital beds warm. 

Mr. Wilson

Wilson belongs to Jill. He is an agility dog and he is 100% perfect. He was raised by his brother Spyder who is also perfect.



Cooper belongs to Patty. He is known for having a loud voice and likes to tell everyone in the clinic what he wants, which is usually cookies and attention. He is very good at keeping the exam rooms crumb-free. 


Nephy is owned by Morgan, but was raised by everyone here at BBVC. She also goes by "Noodles" because her mom thinks she has noodles for brains. We think she is half Rottweiler and half frog because she has major hops. 


Romeo's mom is Dr. Hamilton. He is well known at the clinic for his voracious appetite (despite the fact he had half his jaw surgically removed) and his extraordinary sleeping skills.


Indy belongs to Becky. He is 100% obsessed with cats, just like his mom. He also likes sticks, but not quite as much as he likes cats. Indy is well known for his etiquette and crosses his legs when he's in a down. 


Pocket belongs to Dr. Daley. She is our resident escape artist and well known for letting all of the other dogs out of the clinic doors. She aspires to be a UPS driver when she grows up. She's an avid grasshopper hunter in her off time.

Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce occasionally comes to work with his mom Grace to supervise all the dogs. He uses his loud voice to do reception work and yell at the dogs when they're naughty.  He's also very good at warming the seats for the staff up front.