Baker's Bridge Veterinary Clinic

8350 CR 203, Suite A
Durango, CO 81301


Our Staff


Jill is our head technician


Jill is our head technician, chief ordering officer and general know-it-all. She grew up in Durango on the banks of the Animas River. She began working at BBVC in 1994, a short six months after the clinic opened. Jill enjoys canine agility, hiking, recreating at Lake Powell and about anything outdoors. She has A BUNCH of border collies.  Too many to name, really. 



Patty considers herself a local of Durango since residing here permanently in 1996.  Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ and serving in the US Army for 6 years provided an opportunity to travel in the US and abroad.  Patty received a B.S. from Maryland University and worked previously with State Farm Insurance for 15 years, then with our local La Plata County Humane Society for 3 years before joining the fantastic team of Baker's Bridge Veterinary Clinic in 2007.  She has 2 children and 1 goofy labrador named Cooper.  She enjoys traveling, biking, skiing, and just about anything to do with being outdoors!



Morgan is a veterinary assistant and has begun training to become a certified vet tech. She’s well known in the Durango dog world from her longtime work with Willow Tree Kennels and The Gentle Canine. She is a wonderfully talented Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT),  and is currently working on her cat-whispering skills. Morgan is also very good at coming up with jingles to sing about every staff member so if you hear her voice echoing from the exam room, that’s probably why. In her free time, she loves playing volleyball and running. She lives with her boyfriend, two dogs  Nephy Noodlehead and Gussy Wussy Baby Boy, and bearded dragon Enzo. 



Becky joined BBVC as a registered veterinary technician (RVT) in 2020 and brought with her 20+ years of experience in the field. Becky moved to the Durango area from Northern California where she was working as a vet tech. Shortly after moving here, she took a hiatus from the vet world, obtained an accounting degree and worked at Easy Care Inc. After spending 7 years behind a desk, she decided it just wasn’t the right fit and came running back to play with the puppies and kittens. She’s known for her exceptional organizational skills, and if she’s left alone for the day, she will reorganize every cabinet space in the clinic. Becky enjoys all things outdoors, and is a very talented self-taught crochet artist.  Becky lives with her dog Indy, and cats, Bruce and Campbell. 



Grace is the newest receptionist and historian (aka she gets really good patient histories). She graduated from Fort Lewis College in 2019 with a degree in cell and molecular biology and a minor in forensic anthropology. She aspires to practice naturopathic animal medicine. She spent her summers in college aiding an equine chiropractor and working with little brown bats for her senior thesis. Grace lives with her cat Soy Sauce and is in search of a cute little cuddly under 8lb chihuahua to join her pack. She enjoys yoga, hiking, skiing, and spending as much time with animals as she can.



Spyder is a retired dogtor as you can see by his extensive video history. He was an experienced dental hygienist, surgical assistant, radiologist, and could type 100 words per minute without any paws.